Introduction To Firearms

This course has been designed to give a novice or non shooter and introduction to shooting firearms. the course is held over one day and involves half a day in our Training Centre and half a day on the range. The course covers aspects such as:


Principles of Marksmanship

How to set yourself up behind a rifle, position, eye reliefe, holding the rifle, aiming the rifle and pulling the trigger


Understanding Your Optic   


What the turrets on a scope do, how to adjust your scope, how to zero your rifle


Taking Your Shot


Putting all of the above together whilst in a shooting position


An Afternoon At The Range 

Putting it all into practice and spending some time on a range shooting targets. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well you can shoot with just a little guidance.

This fee for this day long course is just £99 and is ideal for anyone looking to get into shooting, it's also an ideal gift for family and friends that have shown an interest in shooting. 


To register your interest in this course or to purchase a voucher please email or call 01626 834233

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