Long Range Shooting Course

This course, run in a series of modules, has been designed to get the interested shooter on target out to extreme distances, out to the transonic range of your rifle and perhaps beyond.


Each module has been constructed to cover a specific part of long range shooting as each is equally important as the other. If you have not looked into long distance shooting before then we recommend that you attend all modules which are:

Module One     – Principles of Marksmanship

                            Covering the basic of what is required to shoot consistently at any range along with an afternoon at the

                            range putting these principles into practice


Module Two     – Understanding Your Shot

                            This covers ballistics, environments, atmospherics etc. that effect bullet flight


Module Three  – Ballistic Solutions

                            This covers the use of ballistic solutions software and how to set them up correctly


Module Four    – Metallic Cartridge Reloading / Advanced Ballistic

                            Covering the art of setting up your rifle cartridge to maximise consistency at range


Module Five    – A Day At The Range

                            Putting it all into practice, we will be there to confirm your solutions and explain reactions but you will be

                            coming up with the firing solutions

As stated you can jump in and out of any modules but I think it would be beneficial for anyone new to precision to undertake all of the modules. There is no test or examination or pass or fail but there will be a Certificate of Attendance and Proficiency for those shooters that attend all five modules.