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Safety and Confidence in Firearms Handling and Use

£85 For Safe Firearms Handling

Designed for the newcomer to firearms whether that be licensed or non licensed firearms. You will receive instruction of the potential hazards whilst handling a firearm, how to ensure that a firearm is safe before and during handling and of course how to safely use a firearm whether that be at a firing range or out in the field.


Practical training will then be provided as part of the half day course using a local range under controlled conditions with one of our qualified Range Control Officers.

Next Course Saturday 6th November

£95 For Metallic
Cartridge Reloading

The key to any successful full bore rifle shooting is to tune the ammunition to the rifle and this course provides full instruction on how to do that from:

  • Case preparation

  • Selecting the correct propellant

  • Selecting the correct bullet

  • Preparing ladder loads

  • Checking velocity & standard deviation

  • Keeping the correct records

you will leave the course with all of the necessary knowledge and skills to start making your own custom built rifle ammunition.

Next Course Thursday 11th November

£125 Per Module
Long Range Precision Shooting

This is a five module course that you can jump in and out of depending on your current level of shooting though you will be surprised at what you will learn if you start at the first module. The course runs for those shooting rimfire and also for those shooting centre fire rifles. The modules are:

  1. Principles of Marksmanship

  2. Understanding Your Shot

  3. Ballistic Solutions

  4. Metallic Cartridge Reloading / Advanced Ballistics

  5. A Day At Extreme Long Range whether that be for .22LR or centre fire

Next Course Saturday 27th November