Understanding Your Firearm

This course has been designed to give a novice shooter a better understanding of how your firearm and optics operate. The course will instruct you on the following aspects of shooting: 


Principles of Marksmanship

  • How to set yourself up behind a rifle

  • Your position

  • Eye reliefe

  • Holding the rifle

  • Aiming the rifle

  • Pulling the trigger


Understanding Your Optic   


  • Minutes of Angle & Milliradians

  • What the turrets on a scope do

  • How to read your reticle

  • How to adjust your scope

  • How to efficiently zero your rifle 


How Shooting Conditions & Ballistics Affect Your Shot

  • Understanding how air temperature and pressure affect your shot

  • Reading the wind 

  • Why your bullet reacts to the wind the way it does

  • Measuring corrections & adjusting

This fee for this day long course is just £99 and is ideal for anyone looking to get better at shooting. Whether shooting targets, steels, vermin or game this course will help you to understand better the tool that you have in your hand and allow you to shoot with renewed confidence, most shooters will benefit greatly from attending this course.


To register your interest in this course or to purchase a voucher please email martin@pro-training.uk or call 01626 834233

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